We opened our doors in 2010 and haven’t look backed since! Melissa Hoffort (Owner/Operator) and Sheldon Saywell (Owner) have been running the Barber Shop since Day 1 and they strive to be the best Barber Shop in Nanaimo while giving back as much as possible to the community.

We are the home of the Hot Lather Shave, TVs at every chair, shampoo, condition and hot-towel with every cut we do.

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Melissa Hoffort


Let’s face it, you’re probably only reading this out of boredom… have you heard of YouTube? Much more interesting, I promise.

Just in case you’re actually interested to know, I’ll give you a few details about myself to keep you guessing about who my super-hero alter-ego might be.

I bleed green with every loss of the Mighty Saskatchewan Roughriders, and with a lot of hard work and careful conditioning, so do my children; despite their father’s love of the BC Lions.

I’ve been labeled a bit of a geek due to my unnatural love of management, efficiency and customer service. Sad, but true. I do my best to balance that out with a love of travel and making tacky crafts that I try to pass off as décor in my home.

Sports Barbers is the perfect outlet for me to hang out with some other really cool people, learn something new every day, treat people to a great experience, and manage the hell out the place.

Everybody loves a great quote, so if this one resonates with you just pretend that some historical figure that you admire said it instead of me.

“I have a high drive for customer satisfaction, it’s important to me to make sure that each barbershop client’s expectations are both high and met each time they come into Sports Barbers.”

Sheldon Saywell


You should know that you’re really bored right now. It might have slipped your awareness, but you’re reading the biography of a guy who does all of his work with Sports Barbers from behind the scenes, and you’re hoping to be entertained…

It seems you’re set on continuing to read about this guy, so you might be interested to know that he’s a born and bred Islander. Which is a rarity these days. It seems like they’re shipping them in from the prairies with increased vigor But then again, Sheldon’s wife, co-owner of the barbershop and the one who runs the show is a Saskatchewan Girl, so we’d better tread lightly. She has a way of finding things out.

Sheldon is an ‘idea guy’ which is code for ‘the guy who thinks things up and lets everyone make it happen.’ Jealous of Melissa’s experience at the hair salon, he decided that it was just about time the Nanaimo had a place where he could go and be primped and pampered too – but in a manly way of course! And thus, Sports Barbers was conceived.

Through the voices of our many satisfied customers, you can hear that Sheldon’s brain-child came to fruition and now you can join him for a most many haircut and shave. The Sports Barbers Way.